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Which movie snack are you?
My 4th quiz hope you guys like it!

1. Choose someone you`d like to see a movie with this weekend:
A friend I secretly want
A friend I`ve known forever.
A super-smart friend.
A friend who wants to make movies someday (or maybe already does)
2. Other than snacks, what do you consider a movie-going essential?
Huge comfy seats
Being next to my friends. We have to find seats together
Someone who doesn`t mind if I clutch his/her arm during the scary parts
Internet access afterwards, so I can read about the movie after I see it
3. During the previews, you`re probably:
Watching the previews. (That was an easy one.)
Talking to the screen, like "That looks so good!"
Deciding which movies look like they`re worth seeing on opening night
Closing my eyes (if the preview shows anything freaky)
4. Which scene would make you squirm uncomfortably in your seat?
A gratuitous sex scene. Keep your clothes on, people!
A scene with pointless violence. I did not need to see that dude`s head explode.
A scene with an obvious goof -- like when someone`s haircut changes in every other shot
A drawn-out, boring conversation. If I wanted boredom, I`d stay home
5. Complete this sentence: Moviegoers should never, ever _______.
Go to the movies alone. That`s so lonely!
Reveal spoilers. It`s just wrong
Take a toddler to an R-rated movie. That poor kid will be screwed up for life
Leave their phones on. It`s so annoying

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