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which movie should you see?
outta of the four ive just seen recently.

1. first of all, what kind of movie do you feel like watching?
something girly.
i dont know! i thought you were suppose to tell me!
2. who would you want to be the lead in the movie?
a girl(or girls) i can relate to.
who cares? i care more about the plot line
someone hilarious!
a kickass hero we all know and love.
3. would you like your movie to have multiple problems, or just one?
multiple! the more, the better.
ehhh, only one i dont like having to focus on tons of things at once.
4. how much romance should there be?
ehh, maybe a little.
close to none, if any at all.
5. do you like ironic or happy endings?
i like endings that are a little bit of both.
6. do you like your movies longer or shorter?
i dont care, as long as the movies good.

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Created on:6/21/2008 9:25:15 PM
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