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Which Movie Rating are You?
G-rated or X-rated?

1. How often do you curse?
Just a bit
Somewhat often
Pretty often
All the time!
2. Are you a troublemaker?
No, I’m an angel
Not really, but sometimes I can be
Sometimes yes, sometimes no
Yeah, I like to cause trouble
I am the definition of a troublemaker
3. RP: You didn’t do your homework last night. Why is that?
I always do my homework!
I just forgot/didn’t have time
I didn’t want to do it, duh?
I threw it away
Screw homework, I just burn it all
4. RP: Someone at work/school is bugging you.
I ignore them
I politely tell them to stop
I tell them to knock it off
I yell at them
I straight up fight them
5. RP: You’re on a first date with you’re new BF/GF. How far are you gonna go?
Just talking and laughing
Hand-holding, hugging, kiss on the cheek
Kissing and maybe some touching
Straight to the bedroom!
6. RP: You’ve just been offered drugs.
I say no to drugs
I say no, but maybe I’ll try it later
I try it just once
I try it a few times
Hand it all over!
7. Do you get mad easily?
A bit
Kind of
I get mad at everything
8. Do you like kids?
Yes. They’re so cute and fun!
Yes, but they can be annoying
Not a huge fan...
Screw kids. I like scaring them instead
9. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
No, and I never will!
No, but I might if someone pisses me off
Eh...define “fight”
Yes, I have
Yes, more than one!
10. Did you like this quiz?
Yeah, it was delightful!
It was good
Could’ve been better
Kinda sucked, tbh
It was terrible. Go away

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Created on:3/6/2019 5:16:16 PM
Made by:pieyumm

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