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What Movie Genre Are You  quiz. There are a lot of movies out there  me personally  I love them  But what type of movie are you   Do this quiz and find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Movie Genre Are You?
There are a lot of movies out there, me personally, I love them. But what type of movie are you!? Do this quiz and find out!

1. Out of these which is your favourite animal?
Bat. Freaky... I love it.
Ladybug. So cute!
Hyena. It laughs!!
Wolf. Awesome. Just awesome.
Spider. Creepy and crawly!
An alien!! (Me: Ahh... that ain`t an animal.)
Sloth! They are really lazy...
Dolphin. So lovely!
Monkey. They`re smart.
Shark. *Sings `Jaws` theme.
2. A really hot girl/guy moves to your school what do you do...
Instantly start joking around with them! I have to make them welcome!
Say hi, that`s about it, you know. Don`t want to be awkward.
Immediately start flirting with them and maybe even ask them out if they seem nice. (Me: Your keen)
Don`t say anything.
Ask them what electives they`re doing and see if we`re in any of the same classes.
3. What do you think would be the ultimate entrance for anyone to ever do?
Walk in with two massive machine guns and sunglasses and say "Asta alavista, baby."
Open the door and be sucked out by a U.F.O!!! *Looks dreamily into the distance*
*Girls Only* For a guy to walk in, shirt off, very buff and sexy with flowers then serenade for me!
*Boys Only* For an incredibly hot chick to walk in, massive boobs, and start making out with me!
To walk in with a really funny catch phrase! Simple, but hilarious!
For someone to enter a room, non-suspiciously and then take someone home and torture them. (Me: 0.o)
4. What is your favourite colour?
Blood red
Yellow or Orange
Green or blue
Pale red, pink or purple
5. What would you do if someone started spreading a rumor about your friend?
Bash them up until pulled off them! Serves them right! (Me: Remind me not to piss you off)
Try and cheer up my friend by joking around with them. :)
Talk it out with the person who is spreading the rumors and ask for them to stop.
Flirt with the person who is spreading the rumors and saying all sexy-like for them to stop.
Make a rumor about them!
Blackmail `em. Works every time... MWAHAHAAHAA!!! (Me: *hides*)
Tell the person spreading the rumors how immature it is to do that.
6. Okay what if the person spreading rumors spreads one about YOU!? What do you do?
Cry for days on end. *Starts to ball out crying for a rumor spread a year ago* (Me: Wanna tissue?)
Bash them up again! If they hadn`t learnt by now they`d be crazy.
Threaten to kill all their family... (Me: Now I`m scared O.o)
Read a book. It helps me relax after something like this happens.
Laugh it off! Who cares?
7. Where is your ultimate holiday destination?
Paris! The city of love... Ahh...
New Zealand or somewhere like that where you can do things like bungee jumping and ect.
India! They`re accents are awesome! >.<
Somewhere in Europe with a lot of historical buildings with freaky pasts.
Somewhere historical, with a mysterious background, like the pyramids.
Somewhere to relax, like Hawaii. :)
A place where you can go hiking and do that sort of thing.
8. What type of friends do you hang out with?
All really funny people who can be a bit crazy at times but are always cracking jokes! :D *Laughs*
The nerd group. XD
No one...
With a whole bunch of troublemakers really. But its great!
A few guys and girls. All of us are going out with someone. :)
9. How would you describe yourself?
Crazy, weird, fun! WAHAAHAAHA!
Quiet, mysterious, creepy.
Nerd. Its true, I don`t care.
Funny, relaxed and friendly.
Loud, brave, strong.
REBEL! Yep, that`s right!
Sweet, cute, kind.
Flirty, romantic.
Computer geek. *Continues playing multiple games at once*
10. What did you think?
LAME! (Me: *Sniff Sniff*)
I loved it, it was great. :) (Me: Thanks! :D)
Hehe, it was funny! (Me: Yay!)
Not too bad.

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