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What Mouseheart character are you?
Take the quiz and see what character you are from the book Mouseheart!

1. What describes you?
Calm and gentle
Brave and smart
Dark and betrayal
Evil and smart
Strong, a little evil, but sometimes thoughtful
2. How would you solve a problem?
Just let everything out on someone
Think about it and then do what would be right
Do nothing and let people help you
Tell someone something and do something with that person
Have a private meeting and attack
3. When someone tells you a lie, then you learn the truth, what would you do to the person that lied to you?
Let the rage of the lie out and kill them.
Go with the person if they tell you the lie again.
Tell the person that you know the truth and that they were lying to you.
Say "OK" to both people and just go with what happens.
Say "Why did you lie?" or question them until you know everything.
4. If you did something on accident and people say you did it, what would you do?
Say "I`m sorry" and try to fix it.
Say "I didn`t do anything"
Say "What did you say?" and kill them
Notify the people that you tried to do something else but changed your path.
5. How do you battle?
Using your fists and strenght
Just aviod the battle and let other people fight
Swords; they are protective and strong!
Control yourself with a tank
Just use your smarts and fight to escape.

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