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Are you the most totally weird person on the planet?
personality quiz

1. do you like concrete?
oohh a lightbulb!
only if it tastes like chocolate
i smell funny
what sort of question is that!?!
2. horizontal line?
that is the x -axis
vertical line
what sort of question is that?
tigers wear perfume?
3. you have homework to do?
yes. i better go and do it.thanks for reminding me.
i`ll do it later
i like cheese
you are a weirdo
4. telletubbies rock?
don`t be stupid. i love the telletubbies!
telletubbies are for little children.who likes telletubbies?
telletubbies are my screensaver
ooooooohhhhhhhh. carrots and custard
5. this is question 5?
no it is question mouse
i want a satellite dish
toilet. ha ha. a toilet
6. i can tell the future?
don`t be ridiculous.who can tell the future?
cool.why can`t i do that?
look it`s a pretty crystal ball.
oh . look its a window
7. whats your favourite ice-cream?
salt and vinegar
8. 3+5 =?
8 of course
3+5=3+5=3+5=3+5= i don`t know
a different number
9. titanic was?
a bar of soap
a ship
i want some chocolate
10. bibbity bobbity...?
why are you doing the fairygodmother?
cinderella rocks
11. finally will you ...

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Created on:9/10/2008 3:08:19 PM
Made by:twilightZX

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