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Are you a mortal or demigod or god?

1. When a person wearing all black comes up to you and asks you your name what do you do?
You suspiciously eye them and them your name.
You walk a way they didn`t get any information neither did you.
Confront them saying "You tell me your name!"
2. When you see an animal lying in the middle of the street what do you do?
Let it stay there you didn`t put it there, why risk your life?
You feel like you have to save it. It didn`t do anything to you, so why does it deserve to die?
You want to save it but you have more important things to do.
3. If a nerd asked you out on a date but you like someone else what would you do?
Say sorry but I don`t like you. Let them down softly you dont hurt them.
JUST WALK AWAY. It`s not your fault everyone is drawn to you.
Reject them. He`s a nerd, infact I`m insulted.
4. You find a unidentified suitcase on a street bench what do you do?
Well, forget about you don`t want to get involved.
Take evrything, it might come in handy someday.
You look inside and pocket a few things before handing it in.
5. You are in a fight with your best friend how do you get your anger out?
You punch a lamp, but you can replace it. You still need more to cool you down though.
You scream into a pillow, and thats all you need.
Say some things you later regret to your friend but you chill and apologize.

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