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Mortal Instruments    what character are you    quiz. mmmhhhmmm this quiz is bout The Mortal Instruments     the bestestestesting book series evvvahhhhhh Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Mortal Instruments ...what character are you???
mmmhhhmmm this quiz is bout The Mortal Instruments.... the bestestestesting book series evvvahhhhhh.

1. You wake up and put on....
Rainbow Pants
a brown vest. (cuz it`s manly)
a dress that`s really a shirt
you don`t put anything on. you just lick yourself
you go shirtless :)
your glasses
something VERY flashy and flattering
2. while you are getting dressed you are thinking about......
Alec :)
Magnus :)
Jace :)
yourself :)
Clary :)
Your birthday <:)
3. you leave the house, and as you are walking you see...
i never left the house...?
a demon... and i killed him!!!
a demon! and... i went and got jace...
some crazy things that nobody else can
a sequince headband..... SO I BOUGHT IT!!!!
a pink drink ;)
a blue drink.... and i was afraid!!!
4. you fall in a puddle and you....
Zap the puddle with my blue sparky powers
i go to magnus` house to change. WOO HA
make a wierd noise... i hate water :(
freak out and hope clary didn`t see
what puddle? there was no puddle...
go dancing with faries. what else?
5. tonight is the night of a big party. you....
drink a blue drink and get turned into a rat
feel out of place... especially in this dress your friend dressed you in ;)
are hosting the party
get winked at by the host of the party ;)
are the reason the party is thrown
stare at the girl in the short dress
party it up
6. after the party you....
steal a vampire motorcycle
feel confused. what was in that drink???
look for the little nerdy boy you might like
hope the guy i was winking at got the message and calls soon
try to find your sister
look for your best friend
continue your nap
7. what is your favorite thing to hug?
not magnus bane...
sparkly warlocks
my pillow (its really clary in my head...)
my lil whip :)
guys that are 700+ years younger than me....
the guy who wasnt my brother then was who thought he was a demon and turns out not to be my brother
the girl who wasnt my sister then was then found out faeries like incest then we werent related
8. i am taking this quiz in hopes to learn that i am most like....
a real Nephilum
a tough guy that will make girls like me
myself... who else would i want to be?
myself... i am the best person to be after all ;)
i wanna be a real boy!
9. what is your theme song?
`Fever` by Adam Lambert
`Pale People` by Maria Mena
`I Never Told You What I Do For a Living` by My Chemical Romance
`The Bird and the Worm` by The Used
`You Are So Beautiful` by Escpe the Fate
`Trouble` by NeverShoutNever!
`Can`t Take It` by The All-American Rejects
10. some words that describe you are...
awwww =^_^=
conceited ....but has every right to be....
in the closet
small... yet frightening
rat like

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