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Are you more like me or my cousin  quiz. My cousin is on this website too  She s shadowolf  I don t know if you know her or not Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you more like me or my cousin?
My cousin is on this website too. She's shadowolf. I don't know if you know her or not.

1. What`s your hair length?
Long, very long, to my waist or below.
Long, pretty long, down to my elbows about.
Kinda long, down to my shoulders or a little past.
Medium, shoulder-length or just an inch past.
Just above shoulder-length.
2. And is your hair straight or wavy?
Straight, a very little wave noticable sometimes.
Curly, very very curly.
3. OK do you like rollercoasters WITH LOOPS AND TWISTS?
Of course, they are SO much fun!
I used to.
Nah they kinda scare me.
AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NO I WONT RIDE ONE THEY`RE TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. What do you think of salmon the food?
I like it a lot.
I think it`s ok...
Nah I don`t really like it.
5. Do you like to read?
YES reading is so fun!!!
I think it`s ok....
Nah it`s boring.
6. Can you draw well?
Only when I`m looking at something.
I`m OK.
Haha I can`t draw for my life!
7. How psychic are you? (don`t lie!)
very Very VERY!!
I am a little bit.
Not so much.
8. Do you like one-piece bathing suits or two-piece?
One-piece. Less cold on my tummy, don`t have to worry about my top coming off........
Two-piece. Easier to go to the bathroom, nothing sticking to my stomach....
I`m a boy.
9. Do you play tennis?

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Created on:7/15/2008 9:37:08 AM
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