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Are you more like Drake or Josh?
Hmm... title says all. (e)

1. Are you school smart?
Yes and some people think I`m a nerd.
Yes but I don`t think anyone thinks that I`m a nerd!
No I`m just about average with smarts
No... I`m kinda dumb
2. How`s your fashion at school?
Mis-match sometimes or something like that.
Just about sporty, casual, normal.
3. Can you play the guitar? (guitar hero does NOT count!!!)
Yes but I sing too.
No... but I do sing!!
Yes... but I don`t sing!!!
No... but I play another instrument!
No... I don`t play any instrument.
4. Are you kinda fat (no offense)?
I WAS but not anymore.
Yes I am / slightly
No I`m average
No I`m skinny
5. Are you good at attracting girls/boys?
Yes I`m a flirter and I love to date.
No... I don`t really have crushes a whole lot.
I only get a date once in a while.
6. Are you lucky or unlucky?
Er... in between.
7. Do you follow the rules a whole lot?
Yes... rules are an important thing in our society!!
Nope. I`m a bad boy/girl!
Not really but I don`t really think rules are THAT important.
8. Do you play video games a lot?
Oh yes I LOVE video-games!
Kinda they`re fun.
Don`t really care.
9. Are you into magic?
Yes... especially magic tricks!!!
Yeah but a different kind... not magic tricks...
10. Please rate/comment!! (won`t effect outcome...)
OK!! BOTH!! (me: thanks so much!)
I`ll only do one.

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Created on:3/12/2008 7:54:32 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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