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Are you more like a hippogriff or a gryphon  quiz. Yes  they are two different mythical creatures  A lot of people get mixed up with which is which Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you more like a hippogriff or a gryphon?
Yes, they are two different mythical creatures. A lot of people get mixed up with which is which.

1. Today is an exciting day! Your school is gong on a fieldtrip to a museum!
2. First you go to the island exhibit. If you were really stuck on an island, how would you react?
I`d be fine. I`m brave.
3. What food would you search for the most if you were stranded on an island?
Meat mostly. I LIKE MEAT!!! (or fish)
Berries and fruits like in the picture.
4. Would you rather the island be cold or hot?
Cold - I like cold weather better.
Hot - I like hot weather better.
5. OK moving on to the historic exhibit. You see a pile of gold and gemstones that were found by archeologists.
Ooh I am obsessed with gold and gemstones!! *mouth waters*
Umm... cool but I really don`t care THAT much.
6. You have an option. Would you rather go see the section on egypt and pharaohs or knights and sorcerers?
Egypt and pharoahs
Knights and sorcerers
7. Moving on to the animal exhibit: Which animal would you rather learn about here? If you don`t like either of the options, choose the one you like more!
8. Two "personality traits" of animals: Speed and strength. Which do you like better?
Strong animals fascinate me more.
I like fast animals.
9. OK lets go to the religious exhibit!!! Well this is a kind of weird question but it matters: are you christian by any chance?
Umm... yeah...
Uhh... no...
I`m utarian.
10. The exhibit talks about religions that believe in healing powers. Do you believe in this sort of stuff?
Oh yeah! I`m actually interested in that topic.
Kind of.
11. Before going back to school, you use the restroom. Someone in there starts insulting you!
Whatever. I don`t care. I`m tough.
Insulting me is the last person someone does!!
Well, I`m sensitive, but I really don`t care when someone insults me. It is their opinion.
12. Will you rate and comment (won`t affect outcome)?

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