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Are You More Fun  Chilled  Or Both  quiz. Are you fun and hyper  Are you laid back and chilled cool  How about both at the same time    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are You More Fun, Chilled, Or Both?
Are you fun and hyper? Are you laid back and chilled cool? How about both at the same time? (e)

1. You`re at a pool with some friends, what are you mainly going to be doing?
You lay on a gentle raft and almost doze off.
You lay on a raft, but have your friends to push you around the pool.
You and your friends start a water-drenching splash fight.
2. You want to have a night on the town with some friends, where are you going?
You`re all going to a new club for some dancing, drinking, and flirting.
You`re going to the movies or theater to see a show.
You`re going to the mall to get somethin` to eat and, duh, buy stuff!!
3. Say that you and a date are having dinner, what are you ordering for a drink?
Something Alchoholic
Something Fruity And New
Something Simple Or Usual (Like Pop Or Water)
4. You went out to lunch at a cafe-style shop, what did you eat?
A Sandwich And Tea
Some Soup And A Soda
A Sandwich And Soup Combo With Water

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Created on:7/13/2007 9:58:32 PM
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