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Are you more book smart or street smart?
just wondering :)

1. Are you more...?
2. A man approaches you on the street. You...?
Shout STRANGER DANGER and assume the fetal position.
Take a couple steps back and eye him warily.
3. You prefer...?
Reading from a book.
Actually doing stuff to learn about it.
4. You think you are being followed. You...?
Run screaming and slam into a fence.
Continually cross the street and pray the person gets hit by a car.
5. Are you more...?
6. An injured person approaches you asking for help. You...?
Stare at him, and then hope he doesn`t relize if you leave.
Back away and ask him what he needs, but are ready to scream if nessecary.
7. Do you know your safety rules?
Yes :)
Should I (me:...maybe...)
8. If a person grabs you, what should you do?
Stand there and look at him with hypnotizing eyes...
Scream while kicking him repeatedly.
9. And that is it! Cuz I`m tired. Bye!
Byeeee!!! *waves*
*stares at me*

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Created on:2/7/2010 9:27:39 PM
Made by:Rabbitears

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