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What month of the year are you  quiz. Take this quiz to reveal an insight into the deepest depths of your soul    just kidding it s just a stupid quiz  Now take it    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What month of the year are you?
Take this quiz to reveal an insight into the deepest depths of your soul... just kidding it's just a stupid quiz. Now take it. (e)

1. What is your favorite color?(I know you`re tired of this stupid question, just answer it)
Orange, Red, or Yellow
Purple, Black, or Blue
Green, White, or Pink
2. You are out in the woods, and you see a stranger laying out the ground crying out for help. What do you do?
Throw him on your back and carry him to the nearest hospital
Walk around until you get cell phone service, then call 911
Ignore him and continue on with whatever you`re doing
Laugh and kick him, then run away
3. How many friends do you have?
TONS! So many I can`t even remember all of their names! Shh...
I have a few very close friends whom I trust
I have a few. Fine, one or two. Okay, just one. ALRIGHT! NONE! I ADMIT IT! Sheesh.
4. You are camping alone in the wilderness for two weeks. How soon do you get lonely?
IMMEDIATLY! I can`t bear to be away from civilization!
Maybe after about a week. I get bored sometimes when I don`t have anyone to talk to.
Never. I am my only company anyway. Besides, I don`t have any friends to miss.
5. While you`re still in the wilderness, you meet a pack of wild men who are NOT very friendly. What do you do?
Grab the nearest rock and/or stick and beat them to death with it
Try to compromise with them. Communication is the key! :)
Flip them off and walk calmly away while they`re shocked by your advanced knowledge of sign language
6. You`re sitting alone at lunch on your first day at a new school. A random guy walks up and offers you a seat at his table. What do you do?
Give him a big grin and introduce yourself to everyone at the table. Yay! More friends!
Smile politely and sit with them, but don`t really say much
Say no or ignore him until he goes away
Punch him in the face, spit on his unconscious body, then go back to eating your lunch alone
7. What is your personal style?
Street Punk
Kinda Skanky(I`m willing to admit my fault)

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Created on:12/3/2007 5:11:42 PM
Made by:Erca

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