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What creature are you?
The good stuff. MWHAHAHAH!

1. Are you outgoing and friendly to new people?
If I want to be
Not always
No. I don`t like people.
Yes, I love making new friends.
2. Would you sacrifice one of your wants or needs to make another happy?
If they are a friend, yes.
no. I come first.
of course. Seeing others happy makes me happy.
3. Which is your favoriite type of weather?
Chilly and stormy.
fresh and cool.
Hot and humid.
windy and sunny.
4. Which colors do you prefer?
Calm colors like light blues and soft greens.
Proud Bright colors like Gold and Silver or Purple.
Dark Colors like Reds, Blacks, and dark blues.
Open colors like White, grey, and soft blues.
5. What type of clothes do you wear?
Something daring and loud that says you are dangerous.
Protective clothing that shows very little of yourself and keeps a modest appearance.
Something wild and crazy that tells people that you are yourself and nobody would dare judge you.
Something Light and breezy that is modest but fashionable, mostly chosen for comfort.
6. Do you care what others think of you?
It depends on who is judging me.
Only if it is someone I care about.
No. I Am who I am.
Only if it is a proper judgement of character.
7. Last one! This does count towards your score! did you like this quiz?
yeah I guess
not really
can I see my score now?
It was very nice!
8. rate and comment? NO, does not count.

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