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What Monopoly token are you?
What token does your personality fit best? (e)

1. Who talks more: you or your friends?
Them. I just listen.
Me. I am the one who talks.
We`re prety much even.
2. If you were to end it with your gf/bf, who would break up with who?
Me break up with him. Nobody breaks up with me!!
Him break up with me. I`m too shy to end it.
We will never break up.
3. When a teacher askes a question, do you raise your hand to answer?
Yes. Who cares if I`m wrong?
No. I might be wrong.
No. I`ll just shout out.
Only if I know I know the answer.
4. Do you go against what the magazines say about fashion?
No. I don`t want to stand out.
Yea!!!!! Creativity is my passion!!!
5. Do you do alot of chores around the house?
Yes. To many to count.
Not really.
No. In fact, I`m to lazy to move my mouse to answer this question.
6. How would your friends describe you?
Kind and caring.
Rich. And spoiled.
7. What animal did you get in any `What Animal Are You` quiz?
Any type of rodent.
8. How did you like my Quiz?
It was Ok.
*snore* *snore*
It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created on:8/10/2007 3:40:35 PM
Made by:dutto5678

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