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What kind of mobile should you have  quiz. Mostly i would make no argument  but i really suggest you learn from this quiz and buy the same mobile you ll get as a result Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of mobile should you have?
Mostly i would make no argument, but i really suggest you learn from this quiz and buy the same mobile you'll get as a result.

1. What are the gaming machines do you play?
XBox 360
I only have a computer
I`m poor, I don`t have anything
I`m sporty, I don`t play these things
I`m too lazy to play them
2. What type of music do you listen to?
Pop music
Intro themes to stuff like movies or TV shows
Depends on the singer
Some from here and some from there
Talks about your country
3. Do you call a lot?
Yes, the mobile never goes away from my ear
No, how do i call?
Yes, but just once a day maximum
Only when necessary
I do a lot of bussiniss deals and stuff like that
Mostly messages
Only messages
4. Do stuff usually fall from your hands or pockets?
Yes, all the time
Not always
My pants don`t have pockets
5. Will you put protection covers for the mobile?
No they make it look uncool
Yes of course
I`ll sometimes take it off
What are protection covers?
6. Are you married?
7. How do you like the size of your mobile?
Thin and flat
Wide and flat
Thick, wide, tall, and stable
Thick, slide, and has a keyboard
8. Do you send music, pictures, or videos?
I send a lot and recieve a lot
Just sending, I`m a sender
I can only recieve
I have no one to send to
9. How would you use your memory?
It`ll be filled with music only
Just pictures and videos
10. Do you like to open the internet from your mobile?
I use my mobile like a computer, because i only have my mobile
Why will I?
I do use it but not that much, i like using the computer
i downlaod from the mobile`s internet only, i don`t do anything else with it
I watch movies and videos from the mobile`s internet only
11. What sport(s) do you play?
Wrestling / Self-Defence
Soccer / Football
Badmenton / Squach / Tennis
Most of the sports mentioned here
None of the sports mentioned here

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