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Are you a MMA fighter?
Do you have what it takes to be a fighter? What fighter are you mostly like? (e)

1. What MMA style is the best?
Striking of course. Im looking for the knock out.
Ground game. I`ll choke you out before you lay a hand on me.
Well Rounded is the best. Im decent at everything.
Who cares? I just want to win.
Um, I just love the sport. I`ll do whatever.
Which ever hurts you the least.
2. After I win, I do what?
Run around the ring with hands raised. Then say good job to my opponent.
Give my opponent a huge. Thank my sponsors and God.
I gotta do something to rub it in. Maybe a dance.
Call out anyone else who wants a peice of me.
That was fun. Lets do that again sometime.
3. You dazed your opponent, what do you do next?
Mount them and hit them until the ref comes in.
Let him get up again, lets see a good fight.
Taunt him a bit.
4. After a win, who do you thank first
My family and God of course
My sponsors, gotta get the greens
Who cares, its all me anyways.
5. What is your entrance music
Rap of course.
Bring it back old school
Something from your hometown
Anything to hype the crowd
6. How do you want to win a fight
By ground and pound
Submission. I want you to tap out
Anyway I can, I just want to fight
Extreme knock out.
Decsion. I want to see a war.
Id rather not hurt them too bad
7. What would you change to the rules
face stomps now!
more medical rules
let you bring in a bigger entourage
Its fine right now
More Ring girls!
8. How would you train for a fight
Just go out there and fight.
A good game plan
Watch tapes on the fighter and expose weaknesses
I would be too drunk to know. But I`ll fight a good fight.
9. How do you want to be known as
The strongest fighter in the world
The nicest guy in the world
Forget me, I dont care
Everyone look at me. Always remember me
10. What would you tell an aspiring fighter
Fight. Always fight. Kick people`s asses
Train. You have to train to be a good fighter.
Your not meant to fight. Stay out of the sport.
Its too dangerous. Play the game instead
11. Your prefight video would be
Ill knock you out so watch out
Im going to break that arm if you underestimate my ground game
Something funny. You just want to have fun.
Nothing really. Just saying the obvious
12. What would you do prefight
Train train train
Just hang out a bit.
Go outside and sign some autographs

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