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Mix Soul Mates     SMiZ  quiz. A small ficonal date quiz with are ficonal charicters Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Mix Soul Mates #2 (SMiZ)
A small ficonal date quiz with are ficonal charicters

1. What is your prefured hair color?
Brown and Red
Black and Silver
Black with multiple colores
2. What sounds more apealing to you?
A guitarist
A Bartender
A Teacher of highscool and collage
A Prince of Royalty
3. What hobbies sound good?
Rideing a morticicle blareing horrible music on the dotted line at 2am screaming `No hands!`
Jamming with a guitar and playing video games
Reading a multitude of books
Watching something while eating chips from under the couch
Being caught up in mischivious antics
4. What responce do you exspect to get when saying `Hey there Slappy Mc Gallawage`
I don`t know?
What kind of a name is `Mc Gallawage`?
I don`t recall...
Nothin much Slappy...
5. What species do you prefur?
Hybrid Elf
Royal Vampire
6. What kind of perfect day do you exsect?
Waking up in the morning, going to band practice, and doing FUN stuff with his lover
Laying on the couch eating chips from under it with a best budy
Waking up reciveing a call tellng him he dosen`t have to go to work but still get payed then a nap
Reading a good book with a book fanatic
7. What do exspect when saying `Are you Gay?!`
eff off Faith I have a wife that ppens to be your daughter!
If you ever call me that again I`ll take you down to 27th street and bust you in the head wit a pipe
I have no idea!
I`de hope not or else that may be weird concidering I have a wife...
8. Are you single?
Obviously I`m not according tot he last question, I wish I was though...
I`m open to almost anything (I`m not open OPEN!)
Are you idiot?
Yeah, can`t find anyone...
9. Who do you want to get?
10. Was this a good quiz?
Depends on who you define quiz...
Dude, I`m not gay...
I have no opinoun
Dose this effect anything?

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,517
Created on:8/16/2008 10:57:47 PM
Made by:deanrox

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