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What type of Minecrafter are you?
What job in Minecraft are you good at?

1. When you open a chest, what item do you have most?
Wooden Planks, cobblestone, bricks, sandstone, and stone blocks
Fresh meat
Stone, cobblestone, iron, gold, diamonds, etc.
Bread, wheat, potatoes, carrots, cookies, etc.
Treasure my servants brought to me
Loot from all of the things I`ve killed
What`s a chest?
2. What do you see daily?
Things for me to kill
Tunnels, ores, and rocks.
My construction sites
My fields full of crops
My beautiful castle with my servants everywhere
Redstone, pistons, and dispensers
Forests full of wood
Wait, where am I?!
3. You see a green thing with four legs. What is it?
A creeper! Protect the crops!
A creeper! RUN!
A creeper! Knights! After it!
Whatever it is, it`s cute! Hug it!
A creeper! Kill it! YAAAAHHH!
A creeper! Run through this tunnel to escape!
A creeper! Luckily, I built this house to protect me!
A creeper! Fortunately, I built this creeper trap!
4. How do you usually die?
Killed by mobs. This sword sucks!
My axe didn`t kill the enemy in time...
Dug straight down... TO LAVA!
Fell out of a tree
Crops didn`t grow in time, so I starved
The cute green things killed me somehow...
Redstone TNT trap exploded in my face... literally
Fell off of my house while building
Servants formed a rebellion against me
5. You go to the nether. What do you do?
Fight the mobs!
Die because the sad white thing shot a flaming present at me
Dig the rare minerals!
Where are the trees?! *leaves the Nether*
Me? Go to the Nether? Ha! I`ll send my servants
Get building!
Grow some netherwart!
Figure out how to make a self-building nether portal
6. Where do you live?
Home? I`m always out fighting!
In the woods, chock full of trees
Wide open fields, perfect for crops, livestock, or buildings!
Sandy areas, good for redstone tests
Underground or in the side of a mountain, usually surrounded by minerals
In my huge house full of fancy redstone devices
Dirt house -_-
A grand castle
7. What`s your catchphrase?
Diggy diggy hole!
*battle cries*
What is this?
Git offa mah crops!
Go, my servants!
Buildin` a house/ castle/ etc.
8. How good are you at Minecraft? (be honest) >:(
I suck!
Pretty good, but I die often
Decent enough to be considered "good"

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