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Are you Miley or Hannah?
see if you are Miley cyrus or hannah Montana! (e)

1. Who would you rather be?
Miley !
Hannah !
2. Would you like to be a normal teen or a famous pop star?
Normal teen
Pop Star
3. What c.d do you like better?
Hannah Montana 2
Meet Miley Cyrus
4. Would you like to have a disguse if you could be famous?
nope not really
yes that would be cool
maybe, it depends
5. What is better?
Brown curly hair with no natural high/low lights or fake ones
Blonde straight hair with fake low lights and fake high lights.
6. Whos style is cooler?
7. which stlye?
cute and casual
Cute fancy and fun
8. What style do you have?
Flirty and Fun.
cute and casual
Fashion forward
cute and stylish
9. Would you rather base your c.d on...
Your life
your double life and family/friends
Family and love
10. Who do you think you are most like from the Hannah Montana show?
Miley Stewart
Hannah Montana
Lilly Truscott
Lola Loshmangle

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Times Taken:13,060
Created on:11/21/2007 6:30:50 PM
Made by:mileyiscool

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