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What kind of metalhead are you?
If your one of those hippidy hop or YES even emo's, get outta here.

1. Your enemy has wronged you somehow. Revenge?
Voodoo Dolls and Incantations
Go hide in a corner and cut yourself
Find them, cut the entrails from their flesh, and eat it or fornicate with it.
To battle!!!
To battle!!! "Odin, guide our ships, our axes, spears, and swords!" -Amon Amarth, Pursuit of Vikings
Start a bitch fight and scratch and hit them with your sparkly awesomely glittery nails
2. You call women:
mean persons (Cvnts)
Bitches (B1tches)
3. Your take on "The Bible"?
drat that stupid poo religion is stupid
I am anti-Christian. I worship Satan and the Four Crowned Princes of Hell.
My mom makes me go to church, but I hate it! I won`t conform to her!
Is that that thing were those people believe in only one god?
Like, I don`t care, I`m christian but I don`t put him in most my songs.
4. Of these bands, favorite?
Cradle of Filth
Dimmu Borgir
Vital Remains
Amon Amarth
Fall Out Boy
Iron Maiden
5. What is a cooler album name to you? (all real album names)
Runes To My Memory
Godspeed on The Devil`s Thunder
The Bleeding
Heartbreak Armageddon
A Poison album (lol I don`t know any albums)
6. Your God is?
Odin and his lesser Tyr`s
Satan and the Four Crowned Princes of Hell
God, or Jesus
Chuck Norris
The God of Battle
7. Crap I pressed "add another question" lol. This won`t affect your outcome.
Pfft. You dumbass.
Silly guy!!!
Uh oh!!!
I totally loved the quiz!!!

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Created on:2/16/2010 12:12:39 PM
Made by:daveklok

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