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Are you a mermaid lover  quiz. i know  this quiz isnt my best  but i just LOVE mermaids so im looking for others who love them to Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a mermaid lover?
i know, this quiz isnt my best. but i just LOVE mermaids so im looking for others who love them to!

1. What are your fave color/ colors?
Blue, green and pink
pink and green
all black
bright colors like ornage
2. the show "H2O just add water"?
yes yes yes!! i could watch it all day!!
maybe one or two eps
ew! i really dont like that show!
3. Your ideal outfit out of these?
a long blue skirt and a shell/starfish necklace
Im a boy. u aint gettin me in a skirt (me; sorry!)
jeans and a tee shirt with a fish on it
im all black baby
4. when u hear the word "mermaid", what is ur first thought?
ew/ mermaids are for babys
omg!!! i love them! i wish i was one!
5. ur friends are havin a movie day with u. what movie do u bring?
i donno something scary
a romance that takes place by the beach
aquamarine! and u ask to watch it first!
6. ok, say u somehow woke up a mermaid/merboy.
help! what kinda nightmare am i in?!?!
omg! this is a dream come true *sigh*
um.. this is niceish but why me?
7. ur out shopping. what catches ur eye?
a book on mythical animals
i donno
a starfish necklace. charge it please!
8. have u read the book "the tail of emily windsnap"?
yes and its one of my fave books!
never read it
i read it, and it was ok
i read it and it stunk
9. do u love mermaids?
maybe a little
10. do u love ppl that love mermaids?
i dont really care what others think
no. they are bad for that
that just makes me like them more!

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Created on:7/29/2009 9:30:58 PM
Made by:writerchick

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