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Which Meme Best Captures Your Soul  quiz. We all love memes  right  Don t lie  You know you do  But which one represents you  One way to find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Meme Best Captures Your Soul?
We all love memes, right? Don't lie! You know you do. But which one represents you? One way to find out!

1. What would you say?: One does not simply __________
make me laugh.
prove me wrong.
2. What would you say?: So, you’re having a bad day? __________
Make someone smile :)
Me too :(
3. What would you say?: __________ Tell me more about that.
Oh, so you know me.
You got pulled over
Accidentally posted your boobs? Right.
4. What would you say?: Why __________
doesn’t Netflix have porn?
does everyone sound so negative?
won’t my Xbox work?
don’t we just take a deep breath and be thankful for that?
5. What would you say?: __________ I dare you. I double dare you!
Let’s dance!
Quote Dr. Who correctly.
Like that stupid status.
Insult Pulp Fiction one more time.
6. What would you say?: To: All the homies. __________
Facebook is a trap.
I got my period.
Violence with violence is wrong.
It’s a beautiful day.
7. What would you say: This is how much __________
I love pie!
you know about Star Trek.
I care about your political views.
time I spend reading smut.
8. What would you say: I saw what you posted. __________.
I wish I could find a job :(
And I agree! Life is wonderful.
Bill Clinton would agree.
You should mind your tongue.

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