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Which Member of JLS would date you  quiz. Be honest in your questions  L Tell me who your favourite is and then who you got in the test   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Member of JLS would date you?
Be honest in your questions :L Tell me who your favourite is and then who you got in the test :)

1. What`s your favourite colour?
2. Who is your favourite? :)
I can`t pick!
3. You finally got the date with the one who like! Where do you go?
We`d go to Gilgamesh in Camden
A weekend in Cuba!
Disney Land
The Beach
Where ever he wants :)
4. If you were an animal what would you be?
A Koala
A cheetah or a little monkey
A Lion
An Eagle
Something Else
5. Whats you favourite food?
Tuna and Pasta
6. You go to a shop and see a few albums, which do you buy?
Sisqo - Unleash the Dragon
Backstreet Boys -Backstreets Back
Michael Jackson - Bad
Usher - My Way
....None of that stuff
7. Who is your Ultimate hero?
Michael Jackson
My Family
I don`t really have one
Martin Luther King
Someone Else
8. Whats make you laugh the most?
Will Smith cracks me up!!! he’s hilarious…but otherwise Family Guy boxset will have you in tears hah
Adam Sandler movies & Eddie Murphy stand up
Aston Merrygold does! <3
Things i shouldn`t lol at (oops)
I don`t know
9. What item of clothing can you not LIVE without?
A sweater vest
Trainers / Sneakers
I really don`t care about clothes
10. And Finally, What quality matters the most?
He needs to be strong and sexy
He needs to be sweet and caring
He needs to crack me up
He needs to have the eyes
Anything at all, I`m not fussed

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