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Which member of the A-Team are you?
Everyone loves the 80's show the A-Team . . . B.A. Baracus anyone? Find out who you are with this fun quiz!

1. Your friends say you`re . . .
2. If you`re faced with a problem, you`ll . . .
Think it through
Try to twist out
Trust to your friends to devise something
3. Finally, to make something you would . . .
Come up with a fab idea then delegate jobs
Make it yourself
Help out wherever you`re told to
Provide the materials
4. What would you choose to wear?
Leather gloves
A LOT of gold
Suit and tie or something similar
A cap, jacket and slogan t-shirt
5. What is your favourite catchphrase?
"I love it when a plan comes together"
"I ain`t getting on no plane"
"Shut up fool"
"Trust me"
"Woof woof"
6. You`re on the run . . . which role do you choose?
Plan-maker and leader
Engineer and getaway driver
Con-man extraordinaire who gets what the team wants
Person who helps the people on the run but is not wanted themselves

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Created on:6/1/2019 4:31:33 AM
Made by:YAYBOX

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