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Meese: A Love Story (part four)
read the other parts here:[url=]part one[/url] [url=]part two[/url] [url=]part 3[/url]

1. Another year has passed since you`ve been in this strange alternate universe. It`s also been a year you`ve been sitting at this table waiting for the Meese guy to tell what the hell he wanted to show you. It better be good, since you had to wait a ..
WAIT A WAIT owhat omg omfg omfg aniticpicationg
i cant believe this is happening still
eat the meese guy!!
2. year for. Maybe he was waiting for you to calm down, since you wouldn`t stop fidgeting around, attempting to get out of the handcuffs. Then proceeding to gnaw at the table. No one really knows what you were trying to accomplish there. But, okay.
can u jus reveal wth he wanted to show us im gonna effin cryplz
is meese in sexy singles from his area, i want him to hmu
y table gnaw
3. It`s been a few days since your intense staring contest with the Meese. Neither of you saying a word to each other. Just, menacing stares being exchanged. Until you finally decide to speak up.
what the hell is even goign on
4. Out of breath, shooting him a terrifying gaze, one that can pierce a soul straight into hell, you say, "lissen u lil eff. i giv up ok. jus frekin sho mii waty u ned to sho me". He chuckles, "So, you finally give up your little game of `Escape`.
this lil poo think he slick, eh
wats meese`s #
im kinda hungry right now
did they shorten the character length for questions??
5. Now that I finally have your full attention. I really wanted to show you the beauty of this place. But you wouldn`t calm down and this was the only way I thought of. Sorry, I didn`t mean to be so rough," He gives you a gentle smile, then proceeds to
is a effn nerd i bet he listns 2 beethoven in the shower
ok but ohonestly wat is he procceedin
i cnt w8
6. walk towards a cabinet, slowly opening the door to it. The anticipation is killing you. You can literally feel the lava seeping out of your nose, although that may be a spicy booger. You want to just yell at him `Hurry up!`, but you`ve waited this
losin my sight losin my mind wish sombody coul tel me im fin
nothin is right
nothin is fin
7. long,what`s a few more seconds?He pulls out a record, it has incomprehensible words written on it. The Meese must have their on language, yet have also learned English.You`ve come to the conclusion Meese are very intelligent,but still such a mystery.
this is dragging A LONG GET TO TH E POINT OGH MY GOD and who owns records in 2015 get w/ teh tim
what should i have for din din tonight, spaghetti? almond joy?
i wonder whast hes going to sho us!! :) but honestly why doesnt he own cds
8. He takes the record and goes across the room,puts it in an old-time style record player.He careful puts the stylus on the record."I`m very excited to show you this!"At this point he has a huge smile painted on his face,you even notice he`s blushing.
bluSHING? WHATTA Ccutie i h8 lasgna btw go w/ almond jo
ok tnx expect dats not rlly food? but w/e
jfc, cant u jus b happy u hav food at all there are ppl starving out thate
9. You can see he`s counting under his breath. "1....2...3...." Is he really that nervous? Whatever, just get on with it, ya weirdo. You start to hear some beeps, and some boops then BANG!
OH MY GOODNESS FRACIOUS I realixe i am allegric to nuts, good bye world
does meese have a name
10. Rapping from a voice that sounds similar to the Meese in front of you starts going off. Very confused at the situation you give him a very concerning look, "wth is dis?"
im sure it sounds beautiful!
11. "Yo, it`s my mixtape, it`s so fire." You shoot him one more menacing stare before you hulk yourself out of those cuffs and continue to throw the chair at him. Causing him and is mixtape to explode. TO BE CONTINUED
do i hav to w8 anotuh gash dang year, heaven to betsy

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