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Meese: A love story (Part three)
the moment the worlds been waiting for

1. It`s been well over a year since you obliterated that one handsome Meese guy, and since they you`ve kind of just been pissing around. Since you did kill your only tour guide. You kick a pile of leaves when a shining light appears from mid air.
omfg perhaps knite in SHININ armor?!
jfc anicapat
2. Watching it was like watching live birth. Antlers emerged from the light, then soon came the whole body... `o no` you think. `dis mufafudgeO`...
3. It was the Meese you destroyed last year. He`s back, and ready. "Okay, listen here you little dweeb. I don`t know what makes you think it`s okay to wipe me off the face of the Earth, but I`m absolutely no going anywhere until I show you the thing."
ok is the main charrie eva gon do the mees r wat
what`s a meese
4. `NO. I DO N0T WAN 2 GO WIT U. I WAN GO HOM!!? You screamed with all your might. He deeply sighed, "There`s only one way to get through this, I guess," That meese nerd knocks you the f out.
jfc wth is so important gd
the meese cowboy
5. Next thing you know, you wake up in this very dark room. Then you open your eyes to see you`re actually in a kitchen, handcuffed to a chair. The handsome Meese sits across from you, which appears to be.... a table? "unhancoff me rn!!!11!"
am i dead yet
im bored, when do we get to the ride
this is the ride
6. to be continued until i think of something bc idk where this story is going tbh
end it now

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Created on:5/9/2014 10:55:04 PM
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