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What meal are you
See what you are 8-D

1. What`s your favorite colour
Blue and green 8-D
Purple and pink ;)
Red and white
Gold, silver and anything shiny 8p
Black! 8(
All colours I luv em all :)
2. What is the first letter in your first name
3. Do you like the outdoors
It`s alright
Yeah it`s epic!
It`s pretty cool
It`s terrible I hate it go rot in hell!
Yeah I enjoy it.. Sometimes
4. Do you like this quiz
Sure it`s alright... I guess
Naw I didn`t like it
It`s great I luv you
Pretty cool
5. Are you going to rate and comment
Yeah I`ll rate and comment cuz I`m awesome!
Yeah I`ll comment
Yeah I`ll rate
Naw this sucks I hate ya!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:3,826
Created on:7/25/2011 8:37:41 PM
Made by:Tjay1girl

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