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How Mature are You?
Enjoy! (e)

1. What do you Usually Do?
Sleep , Wake up Eat , Sleep
Have Fun with Your Friends
Hyper Fun
Go to a 18+ Concert
2. What would you do With your Parents?
Go out With them to the Carnival
Invite them to Your House for Dinner
Keep them Up all Night
Have Some Fun
3. What would You Eat for Lunch?
What ever Mom Makes
Soft Food (yoghurt,,Milk)
Steak and Coke
What you Like
4. Where would you like to Go Out?
Fun Land
Any Where to Chill
Strip Club :o , Partys
5. What do you Usually Think of?
Your Future , Friends
Fun and Food
Job and Relationships
6. When do you Wake up
Later on
Before Midday
in the Morning
7. Did You Try My Other Quizes? (doesnt Affect Score)
I Will

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Created on:7/29/2007 11:43:14 AM
Made by:Proquiz

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