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How Mature Are You  quiz. This quiz will give you an age of maturity based on how you answer the questions  Have fun  BTW  check out Ilikeoreos quizzes  cause they re pretty awesome Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How Mature Are You?
This quiz will give you an age of maturity based on how you answer the questions. Have fun! BTW- check out Ilikeoreos quizzes, cause they're pretty awesome!

1. What is your first reaction if I said, "I saw a pea on the kitchen floor."
Ewww... someone wet their pants!
Um... okay
Uh, which pea? (pea or pee)
That`s nice, honey.
Here, let me help you clean that up.
2. What is your reaction to the following: butt
But what?
3. You just had a giant fight with your best friend. You both leave angry. When you get home, what do you do?
I`ve forgotten what happened between me and my bestie by now. All good!
I blame it all on my friend.
I call and apologize, and try to work things out.
4. Do you push people`s buttons for fun?
5. Which of these activites sounds the most fun?
Playing solitare
Taking a nap
A date

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Created on:12/3/2015 4:20:47 PM
Made by:BossGirl

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