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are you a match made for Seto Kaiba  quiz. would Seto Kaiba love you  dont yell at me because of the questions  i made this quiz for fun Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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are you a match made for Seto Kaiba?
would Seto Kaiba love you? dont yell at me because of the questions. i made this quiz for fun.

1. what do you like most about Seto?
his eyes
his job
hes filthy rich
his dueling skills
i love everything about him.
2. where would you like your first date to be?
at a fancy resturant
moonlight night
at a bar
where ever he wants to go
dinner by a fire
3. how would you want the date to end?
a kiss on the cheek
make out
him driving me home in a limo and waving goodbye *sigh*
4. jumping to the future, how would he propose?
dangling from his chopper with the ring
putting the ring in my favorite dessert
after a triouphant win in a duel
5. if something happened to Seto and you found out he couldnt duel anymore, what would you do with the three BEWDs?
BURN THEM. nobody but Seto is worthy enough to use them
put them in a glass showcase and lock the room theyre in shut
let Seto decide what to do with them
add them to your deck
give them to Mokuba
6. what is the one thing you would want Seto to do for you?
give me kids
let me duel with his deck
i dont know

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Created on:6/11/2010 4:59:38 PM
Made by:sodapop2313

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