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Markiplier or Jacksepticeye  quiz. Sorry for the delay guys  but heres a quiz about my   favorite youtubers   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Markiplier or Jacksepticeye?
Sorry for the delay guys, but heres a quiz about my 2 favorite youtubers!!!

1. Hi, Jays here now I know you guys are probs gonna kill me for this but...favorite colour? {me: runs away and hides behind mark} {mark: oh...uhh...hey.
2. favourite genre of game
3. How often do you watch jack or mark?
I watch jack every day
I watch jack every day and mark sometimes
I watch mark every day
I watch mark everyday and jack sometimes
I watch both all the time
I watch both of them sometimes
4. Choose a quote
I hope I can be there for you if you ever feel sad or lonely or depressed or anything like that...
What I do is temporary. What I leave behind is forever.
potatoes are good
Oh the sounds...I don`t like them...
5. Favourite animal
A small doggy. like a jack russel
A big doggy. like a golden retriever.
are potatoes animals {me: uhhh...sure...*backs away*}
6. if you had a dog, what would you call it?
Something odd but nice. like, gadget or clockwork
something sweet that rolls of the tongue. like, Bonnie or lily
7. What is your life goal?
To make people happy and show them they`re not alone
To make people happy and entertain them
eat a potatoe
8. Choose an outfit.
something casual. like, some jeans, a shirt and a jacket.
Something, shirt with a logo on it, some shorts and...A COWBOY HAT-
a pig suit
9. If you had a choice, sacrifice 100 people for the one you love or the one you love for 100 people, wich would you chose?
Save the one hundred. I coudn`t live knowing all those people died becase of me.
Save the one I love. They mean the world to me, yes it will hurt to let the one hundred go, but its
Save the potatoes, let the people die.
10. What is your view on memes? {me: I know, weird question but just go with it...}
Well there okay but they`re a bit old...
*meme lording intensifies*
11. BOI! {me: *hugs mark* *in a whisper shouting voice* wave mark! *elbows him in the stomach*} { *mark waves*}
Bye!!!!!!! *starts humming I am everywhere*
potatoes are good

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Created on:6/29/2016 3:05:45 PM
Made by:JaysAndRaven

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