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.The maniac pig quiz
Start this quiz to find out which maniac character you are most like !(e)

1. Which is more important?
Being tough
2. Are friends important to you ?
Yes, of course.
No, I prefer my self, and only myself!
3. Do you have a lot of enemies ?
Yes, just about everyone is my enemy
I keep my friends close and avoid making enemies
4. Is causing trouble a hobby of yours ?
More like an obsession!
No I prefer peace and quiet
5. Is gymnastics a major pastime of yours ?
Gymnastics is my life !
With a figure like mine, you don`t do anything...
6. Do you have a knack for rallying friends to your cause?
Absaloutley, its one of my many useful talents
No, I work better alone.
7. Do you hunger for Pork?
It is an unquenchable hunger that must be fed!
No, I cant stand the stuff.
8. Do you invent many technologies to aid you in your quest ?
Yes, again I use my wonderful brains to conquer the problem!
No , roughing it`s my style.
9. explain your size
Tall, skinny.
Tall, and fat.
short, skinny.
Short, fat.
10. What is your pride and joy ?
My pig nose.
My burritos.
Crawling around and in general acting stupid.
Helping others, and kung fu
Pipe cleaners.
11. Which do you prefer ?
short hair.
Long hair
12. Are you mildly odd ?
Mildly? I am VERY odd.
No, I`m completely normal.
13. Are you smart ?
Oink !
Growl !

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Created on:3/25/2008 4:50:13 PM
Made by:ratbrent

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