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What Mancer Are You?
The discipline of magic is divided into 9 separate practitioners. Which one are you?

1. You are the apprentice to a great wizard. In order for him to know what magic best suits you he has determined you will go on a quest. He first takes you to a table with a number of strange items and instructs you to choose one to take wwith you.
A book on various monsters
A poisoned dagger
a long sword
flash bombs
fire bombs
dried meat
hunting knife (it is large and unwieldy, unlikly to save you in a fight against a human)
a book entitled "Practical guide to survival"
Just pick at random
2. After choosing your item your master asks you a series of strange questions. The first one is, what is your favorite color?
You ask your master "what the heck does this have to do with anything?"
3. He next asks what you`d rather have as a pet, and produces the list below.
Drake (wyvern)
Coutl (winged serpent)
complain to your master that you`d rather have a slave.
4. He then asks what you`d rather be if you were not human, though he hints that you should stay quiet.
you stay quiet.
Merfolk (like a mermaid or merman only with feet.)
Drow (dark elf)
5. He sends you off on your quest, telling you to follow the prediscribed path. You go on aways, but stop once you see a poweful mage battling a dragon, what do you do?
Stay out of the way and proceed, trying to stay out of sight.
Stay out of sight but eagerly take notes
join the fight by attacking the dragon with your knife.
Wait until more information presents itself
Use flash bombs to disorient both participants and sneak past going on your merry way.
Ask the Mage if he needs any help
Ask the Dragon if he needs any help
6. Before you can decide what to do the dragon is slain, however the mage is extremly wounded. He sees you in the distance and asks you to wait till he dies and give him a proper burial. What do you do?
Wait, and grant his wish.
Take out some salve and potions and attempt to heal him.
Ask what his name is so that you can notify his friends and family.
Walk on by, why bother with a dead man?
Wait till he dies, then strip his body of anything useful or pricey.
Try to cary him back to your master so that he can be healed better. After all you don`t have magic
7. Despite whatever you chose to do, the man dies and you have moved on, you wonder if you should head back. But quickly decide against it. You come across a bone yard and find a sphinx staring down at you from one of the large tombs.
You run away screaming
You run away in the manliest way possible
You duck behind a large tomb, hopefully the cover will be enough advantage to win this fight
you stay still and try to back away slowly
you greet the sphinx
8. The sphinx greets you and you hesitently greet her back. She smiles and tells you that she will eat you unless you correctly answer her riddle. " What does every man want, but fear at the same time?" you answer...
*gulp* "I don`t know" crouch while secretly taking out your knife in anticipation.
9. She laughs at your response and replies that she is only kidding, and that she is actually looking for a mate. She eyes you with a kindness that seems out of place. She then tells you that if you agree to be her mate she will grant you one wish.
You gladly accept and thank your lucky stars she`s hot.
You question her statement of granting wishes, but accept anyway.
You question her ability to grant wishes and vehemently reject
You tell her that you are not totally adverse to the idea but that you need more time
Throw up.
10. She is somewhat suprised by your answer, but she accepts it nontheless, she tells you to meet her back here when you finish your journy. you agree and head off. You come to a divergance in the road. Which way do you go?
far left
far right
11. You almost go mad, because at the end of the road is your master`s hut. Before you can say anything your master appears before you and welcomes you back. what do you do?
Kick him in the gonads
hug him (you missed him)
Ask him what`s going on
Accuse him of trying to kill you
Ask if he set the whole thing up
Ask if you still get to marry the sphinx
12. He answers your questions patiently and before you know it the sun has set. Your master asks you what you expect to get. what do you tell him?
I`m gonna be a fire guy.
The earth will be my weapon!
Water and ice will serve me
The dead shall be my power
I don`t know
I wish I could control minds, really.
I don`t know, but I`ll always do what`s right.
Do I have to choose? can`t I learn all of the magics?
13. As you head in you remember that the sphinx told you to meet back up with her. You tell your master about it and he says you should go. What do you do?
Go meet her, and apologize for rejecting her
Go meet up with her and worry about being eaten
Go meet up with her and hurry as fast as you can, you really want to see her.
Don`t go, she`d probably eat you anyway.
Ask your master if he`d be willing to come with you.
14. Out of curiosity, If you did marry the sphinx, and she did grant you a wish, what would you have wished wish for?
Money, lots and lots of money.
that the world would know peace
That you might rule the world
For expertise in a field of your chose.
That you would always be happy
That SHE would always be happy

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