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What kind of man would you like?
Answer a few questions and see which man you end up with. (e)

1. What colour do you like best?
2. Your dream date would be?
At a fancy resturant, very pricey.
At the Science Centre, then later get something to eat.
At home with your man, just relaxing and watching a movie.
A nice walk on the beach just after a delicious meal.
3. What colour of hair would you like your man to have?
4. Role Play: You drop your book`s, how would your man react by this?
Point and Laugh.
Stop and help with your books.
Drops some money and says "Next time dont be so clumbsy."
Seems to have drops his books at the same time and pick up the wrong ones and laugh it over together
5. How would you want your man to act like?
Smart, a bit bossy, but caring.
Mean, can be nice, but put`s himself before others.
Charming, honest, and funny.
Very funny, always has a trick or two up his sleeve, and is kind.

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Created on:7/6/2007 3:50:56 PM
Made by:cutie038

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