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What makes you stand out?
insert life story here

1. How would people describe you as?
2. When faced with a tough problem in life, you?
Use charm to get through it
Think of others before trying to help yourself
Logically work your way through the problem
Joke your way through the problem
Think of another way out of the problem
Just charge right in and get it over with!
3. Your friend is suffering through a hard time. You help by...?
Hook them up with a hot date for the night to ease their mind
Letting them cry on your shoulder
Talk them through their problem until they see reason
Cheer them up with a joke or two
Do an activity together to take their mind off things
Let them sort it out for themselves
4. What do you secretly love about yourself?
Your looks
Your selflessness
Your cunningness
Your talent
Your popularity
Your competitiveness
5. What would you want to change about yourself?
Your jealousy
Your greed
Your pride
Your inability to say no
Your need to rebel
Sometimes, you can be just plain mean
6. How would you say your life is at this point in time?
A bit sad
A bit lonely
Pretty good
Good, but feels like something`s missing

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