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Chat with me!
Let's chatting!

1. Hello! Nice to meet you! Ready for this??
yayyy! Im ready! Let`s move on!
Ready for what?
2. You know, I hate sweets. They gave me a pain! how about you?
how dare you said like that?! ........... errr.. what did you say??
I love them! I never taught that someone doesn`t like sweets? they`re the best!
I didn`t ask you that...
I hate sweets too. I have a high blood presure.
3. Hmm.. Im not expert in English language.. Sorry if I make a mistakes (grammar)
oww... it`s okay.. =]
what?? you`re not using English??
That`s why I hate you
I don`t see any mistakes yet.
this quiz is too boring!
4. Im so happy I`ve meet this quiztron! Very nice too see you guys! =D
lalalala .. (hearing a music) sorry! i can`t hear you!
oww.. sweet.. me too!
Im not happy you`re here (me: =`(
5. "I want to be a bilionare.... " (singing)
"so freakin` bad..." =D
What is that song??
stop singing!! OMG! my ears!
"so I can buy all of brand new things.." (me: heyy..... =,=)
6. Im sleepy already.... zZZzzz....
hey! wake up! we have many question!
damn it.
pillow fight! =D
7. Im watching "So You Think You Can Dance!"
hey, did you challenge me for a dancing?! Fine! (*get up)
hey, I watch that show!
What is that anyway?
I love dancing!
8. Do you like Japanese Kawaii style?? I really like them! (^.^)
(*scream!!) Im wearing that now! =D
No, i hate fashion.
yuck! how can you love them?
9. Choose one. Cat or Snake?
Cat =3
Snake! psstttt....
10. From now, you`ll anwer a direct quiz.!
do I care?
11. do you love garfield?
absolutely, yes!
12. Are you kind?
Im evil you know?
13. Answer this QUICK!! 22+22?!!!
easy, 48.....
14. (*eat an ice cream) want some?
no, thanks.
okay! yummy yummy!
sure, thanks.
I hate that!!!! get away from me!
15. ................................
hey, are you sleeping or something?
this is wasting my time.
at last!! She quiet!!
are you okay?
16. please don`t make a noisy.. im... zZZzzZz...
damn it.
I gave up!
but, I need more questions =`(
17. morning already??
no, this is what we call `midmorning` (whatever it is)
now is my turn to sleep!
good morning!
are you kidding me??
18. what you want to do?
Out off here!!
answer questions?
19. I want to meet someone who has a cute face...
that`s me! =D
Like Winnie-the-Pooh?
20. Do you know Nekonyapii? She is my idol ! =D
Who cares?
uh uh! I know her, she is pretty!
Sorry, I don`t know her..
ya, I know her
21. Do you love fashion?
Fashion is my life!
22. If you have 3 wishes. What will you wish for?
I wish I`ll be a Prince/Princess !
I wish I`ll be rich !
No fairy in this world! You hear me?! NO FAIRY!!
I wish Im pretty/handsome
23. Typing or Writing?
What all this questions means??!
24. Sometimes I forgot that Quiztron has a male users =P
What?! You`re old already??
Me too!
Damn you! Im male !!
25. I hate pink, what do you think?
How dare you said like that?! Pink is my favourite colour!
I love them, so?
Pink? eww.....
No comment......
26. Okay, I should say goodbye here! Enjoy your days! =]
My god! i can`t bealive that im survive!
Bye bye!

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Created on:1/1/2012 4:16:46 PM
Made by:krikonamii

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