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Would You Make a Good Singer?
Only take if you're interested in breaking into the music/entertainment biz.

1. WHat kind of music do you listen to?
I don`t like music.
One or two different genres
All styles
2. Let`s say you are asked to perform a certain song at a concert, but you haven`t sung it in years. You.....
Say you`ll do it, but don`t bother practicing, if you`ve performed it before.
Say yes and practice, practice, practice! Need to get those words right!
3. Oh no! You forget the words right in the middle of a song! What do you do?
That would never happen to me.
Smile and keep going.
Change the lyrics a little bit and pretend you meant to do it.
Run of the stage, embarrassed.
Stop singing completely.
4. Have you written your own songs?
No, but I might!
Songwriting is lame.
5. How many school talent shows/musicals have you sung in?
6. Why are you interested in being a singer?
I love to sing.
I love music and singing, and I want to have fun.
Money. $$$$$$$
Fame of course!!!
I want to hang out with stars!
I like singing and think maybe I might be a good singer.
7. Have you taken voice lessons?
Don`t need `em.
Yes, tons!
A few, I want to take more.
None yet
One session, once
Does school choir count?
8. What instruments do you play besides voice?
Piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, keyboard......
2-4 of the above
1 of them
Different instruments than the ones listed above, 2 or more
1 different instrument than listed above
None but I want to take lessons
No, I don`t want to learn any instruments
9. When you like a certain singer, you....
Buy their CD, see them in concert, and friend them on MySpace and Facebook!
2 or more of the above
1 of the above
Download a couple songs on iTunes
Listen to their song once on Youtube

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Created on:7/2/2010 2:47:34 AM
Made by:futureceleb

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