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Would you make a good father?
If you want to see what kind of father you would make take this quiz!

1. Would you rather have a son or daughter?
I certainly want a son!!
I would like to have a daughter so she can be a daddy`s little girl!
It doesn`t really matter
I`m having a son! If i have a daughter im OUTTA HERE!!
I`m not having ANY kids their like little demons!!
They are what you call mistakes!!
2. If your son was being bullied in school what would you do about it?
If he hits you, hit his a$$ back!
If he says something to you knock him out!
If he touches you, you better knock him out and if not i`m going to knock you out myself!
I would go see the teacher about the situation and handle it then and there
My son would never be bullied because i taught him how to fight like Ali!!
I would tell him to put a booger on the bully!!
3. Would you be able to handle changing the baby`s diaper?
Umm maybe! But since i`m the father i will do what i have to do!
Freak no! That`s always the mother`s job!
Sometimes but me and the mother would have to take turns.
I doubt it! That is so gross!
4. If your son caught a very bad temper and snapped on you what would you do?
Punch the mess out of him! Duh!
Beat his a$$
Calm him down then figure out what`s the problem then spank him only once
Get him under control then take something from him until he gets his act together
5. Would you want your son to get all the ladies or pay attention to school?
Oh who cares about school! My son is going to have all the girls!!
He better just pay attention to school who needs girls!?
He should pay attention to school but he also can have little girlfriends every now and then
i don`t care!!!
My son is going to be focused on school but..dang i think my son might like boys! =/
6. What would you do if you caught your son smoking?
Beat his a$$ until he can`t sit anymore!!
Take them from him then beat him just a little to teach a lesson
catch him then teach him a lesson that would make him never want to smoke again!
Smoke with him!!
7. If your son was constantly getting smart with you what would you do?
Beat the brakes off him!! I bet he wont get smart anymore!
Have a very serious conversation with him to get down to what`s really going on then solve it
Tell his mother to handle it before you snap his neck!
Talk with the mother about it then yall both go have a talk with him then solve the issue
Take something he cherishes very much until he learns what he`s doing is wrong then give it back
8. If your son came crying to you about his bestfriend dying what would you do/say?
I`d tell him MAN UP BOY!!
Explain to him how everyone dies but that his friend is in a better place and everything is okay
explain death to him & hold him while he cries
Take him somewhere fun that he loves so he can get it off his mind but still console him
Tell him to shut up everyone dies! Get over it!
Tell his mother to handle it and you leave out
9. If your son had grown up and is now sixteen and seems like he`s always mad what would you do?
Take him to a shrink!
Talk to him first and if he wants i`ll take him to see a counselor
Talk to him to understand what`s going on with him then help him the best way you can
Tell him to MAN UP!!
Tell him get his attitude straight before he gets knocked out!!
I wouldnt know i left when he was like 2!!
10. If you had a daughter would you be just as happy as if you had a son?
Of course!
As long as she`s mine i will love her to the fullest
Heck no! i only want a son! i`m out of here!
Ewww no! They get toooo freakin smart!
Of course so i can make her a daddy`s little girl!!
11. Would you spoil her?
Of course my daughter deserves the best of everything!!!
No she gets what she needs and nothing else!
kind of..she gets what she needs and what she wants but i dont go overboard with it
umm i dont care i`m not in her life!
12. When your daughter starts thinking about boys how would you feel?
Nope!! No Boys!! Ever!!
Geesh would hate it but accept him if he makes my daughter happy and is a good man
it`s whatever!
It doesnt concern me unless he hurts her then oh yeah! i get involved!
13. When your daughter grows up into a teen and has an attitude all the time what do you do?
Let her mother deal with it!
I dont care!
Talk to her to see what`s wrong then help her out
Let her be herself as long as it doesnt get out of control

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