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Would you make a good Boyfriend Girlfriend  quiz. The title is self explanatory  enjoy  and no harsh comments please you may state your opinion but no meanness  please  thanks        e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Would you make a good Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
The title is self explanatory! enjoy! and no harsh comments please.you may state your opinion but no meanness. please? thanks! :-) (e)

1. If your crush/girlfriend/boyfriend started flirting with you (playing with your hair, poking you playfully, etc) what would you do?
Flirt back =) *I love him/her*
Smile bashfully
2. What are/would your text messages be like?
Hey. =) Sup?
Hi! I love you! =P
Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! How R U? *Eeeep! I cant wait till she/he txts back!!!!!*
3. Your doing something with your friends (Girls: Shopping| Boys: *Insert Sport Here* practice) and you get a phone call... the caller I/D says your crush/girlfriend/boyfriends name... what do`ya do? :-)
Ignore it... you`ll call him/her later.
Answer it right away saying how much you missed her/him
4. Your crush/Girl/Boy friend takes your somewhere private and leans over to kiss you... what do you do??? :)
Kiss him/her romanticly!
*faint*/ *Run away*
Ehhmm... I DONT KNOW!! AHH!
5. If you could go on any date with him/her where would you go?
Movies/Dinner something simple, romantic, and classy!
**Screams** maybe liiiike..... beach?
picnic! Yuum!
other... ;D
6. Last question Did you like this quiz? :) :) :) ***Will not affect outcoooome!***
YES!!!!!!!! :)
Eh... kiiiinda

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Created on:1/21/2008 9:54:46 PM
Made by:juldoll

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