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What magical creature are you    detailed outcome   pics   quiz. There are lots of magical creature quizzes but this one s the best so take it  D  just kiddin   but take this quizz anyway   there s a detailed outcome     D  Don t forget to rate  amp  coment      This quizz is for girls  but if you re fairy loving guy who likes disneys you can take it too  p Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What magical creature are you ? [detailed outcome + pics!]
There are lots of magical creature quizzes,but this one's the best so take it :D! just kiddin', but take this quizz anyway , there's a detailed outcome !! =D Don't forget to rate & coment ! This quizz is for girls, but if you're fairy-loving guy who likes disneys,you can take it too :p

1. First of all, do you believe in ‘magical’ creatures ?
Yes i DEFINALLY do AT 100% ! I love them so much !!
Yeah, i believe in them, their existence is just obvious!
noyeah...yes...But no... i don`t know!
They could be real, but i seriously doubt it
I`ll only believe in them once science will prove their existence
I don`t and i never will believe them, i don`t even know why i`m taking this quizz!
No...i don`t believe in anything anymore...
2. What [do you think] happens after we die ? ( odd question , i know... :P )
That`s it, there`s nothing else, and all those who believe in spirits & souls are stupid.
Are sould leave our body and goes in some empty place filled with darkness and nothing at all....
Are souls leave our bodies and we go to the world were all the spirits live (hereafter, heaven,...)
After death...there is life! =D
We go into a better place, filled with colours, where everyone`s happy ; a true paradise!
I don`t know...
3. What`s your favorite kind of color ?
Red, yellow, orange - `sunny colors`
pink, purple, white - girly colors
Hot pink, lime green,..- flashy colours
black, gray, dark brown... - dark colours
Green, blue, brown - earthy/ nature colours
white, light pink, baby blue - dreamy colors
Pink, blue, green, red, yellow - exotic/Tropical colours
Light blue, dark blue, purple - sea clours
4. what`s your favorite element ?
Ether [energy]
5. Your best quality ?
Your Generosity
Your humour
Your cleverness [ quick thinker, can easily make it out of dangerous situations, agile]
Your Intelligence [ At school, good at mathematics, grammar,..., high IQ ]
Your discretion
Your empathy
Your leader personality
Your sensibility
Your creativity
Your courage & solidarity
6. Your worst quality ?
You are tricky...even mischievous sometimes
You are too secretive and too much of a loner enclosed in your own world
You have too much self-confidence, you always wanna do everything on your own to prove your strenght
You always run away from reality and forget ur responsabilities when u can`t take them anymore
You`re too dreamy, in your own fantasy world ; at some point you might seem autist or associal
Too curious, you always wanna know everything
You never say no - too generous
You`re overprotective - But that`s the way you show how much you care about the ones you love
You keep your all feelings on the inside - You hide your true personality to others
You get bored easily, you can`t always focus you attention on only one thing
7. Friends ?
I have TONS AND TONS of friends and i love that !
i don`t have tons of friends, but i don`t just have a few of them - average
I have "friends"...most of them are just acquaintances though - IDK their fav food, color,...
A have a few, but real friends i can count on and i don`t need more
I have don`t have very much friends but i don`t care, i can perfectly live on my own !
Just a few, i`m more of a loner, i need some time to daydream & meditate - but i`m not associal
No, i hate social situations & i`m a loner, nobody understands me anyway....
I hate the world...
8. Who are you in your group of friends ?
The open minded, creative and dreamy one ; the one with the most crazy, but original ideas
Problem solver : the empathetic, understanding one ; my friends come toward me for advice
The warior - the adventurious & daring one
The clever & agile one, quick thinker who easily gets out of dangerous situations
The confident : the one you can always rely on, who helps & keeps everyone together
The optimist : the one who makes the others smile & always sees the bright side of things
The mysterious one : the rest of your friends don`t really know you, you mostly do things on ur own
The distant & lost one : you tend to be the one asking for advice and help
9. People often tell you :
"You should dare to say `no` sometimes "
" Hello ! Come back to reality ! "
" Are you crazy ?!"
" Thank you for your help ! "
" Thanks for your advice ! "
" Why are you being so selfish ?"
"Are you sad ? What`s goin on ?"
" You are way too kind to do such a thing!"
10. What do you think about fashion, Make up, Gossips/celebrities, magazines,... ?
Yeah, fashion, magazines, make up, gossips is my world !
I read magazines for gossips/ inspiration & i wear make up to feel pretty every now and then...
I don`t buy magazines to inpire me for the clothes i wear. Make up? occasionally.
I don`t care about fashion or celebrities, i have my own style & i wear make up only for parties
Girls who follow celebrities,use make up or buy magazines are vain. I don`t need that to feel pretty
Even make up can`t make me feel pretty...nothing can...
11. If you could change one thing about the people in this world, what would it be ?
I`d like it better if they were more playful and childish!
I`d like them to be more couragous and daring !
I`d like it better if they were more open-minded & creative !
I`d like them to be less evil, more sane & stop hurting me..why don`t they let me be ?
They should be wiser & think before acting
They should be more caring & sensitive
They should be stronger mentally/physicly and more independent !
They should be more generous, help & respect each other more
12. Did any tragic event happen in your life ? How did iit affect you ?
No, my life`s perfect ! =D
My life isn`t perfect , but no tragic event happened
Bad things happened in my life, but i learned out of those experiences
Bad things happened in my life...i think that those things changed me forever...
Yeah i experienced a tragic event....it really marked me...but I try not to think about it...
I experienced a tragic event in my life ; it was awfull, my life will never be the same *tear...
13. What [In your opinion] makes the world spin ?
14. Do you think you`re psychic ? What psychic power do you have ? (if you have multiple powers, choose the most active one)
I can see the future
I can read peoples mind
I can do astral projection / astral voyages
I have presentiments which come true - incredibly developped intuition
I can see ghosts
I can do telekinesis - move things with my mind
I can easily feel what other people feel, even when they deeply hide their emotions
None of the above - something else
I don`t have psychic powers, but i believe in them
I don`t have psychic powers and i don`t believe in all those paranormal things
15. What are you the most talented at ? (not what you like the most)
Playing sports
Playing instruments
Artsy stuff [writing stories, poetry, drawing, paint,...]
(Day)Dreaming, imaginating / visualizing things
Do things on your own - you don`t work in a group
16. choose the quote/saying you like the most :
" What doesn`t kill me makes me stronger "
Don’t worry about the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so
never wrestle with a pig - you both get dirty but the pig likes it
Don’t argue with Idiots.. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.
Guns don’t kill people — people do.
The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.
if u cant remember how u got a scare you didnt go through enough pain to get it.
It is only with the heart that one can truly see
It is because of it’s emptiness that the cup is useful.
the only difference between try and triumph is a little umph…
17. If you could have a superpower , what would it be ?
Invisibility - so that i can have time alone without everybody annoying me or worrying about me
invisibility - just for fun ; being able to do prancks and steal things without anyone seeing it! ^^
Being able to controle water !
make wishes of others come true (not ur own wishes & u cant ask other people to wish for u)
To make all the sad & angry people smile only by looking at them (whether its on tv or for real)
Being able to creat illusions around me at will - to make appear things which aren`t really there
Talk to animals
Being able to fly - to escape reality and forget all my responsabilties
Being able to fly - Just to know what it feels like !
18. If you had to live in one of those places , which one would it be ?
Live in the clouds/sky !
Live in the sea / lake !
Live in the forest - i`m a tree-hugger, i Love nature and animals! (not in mountains/down)
(down) In the forest - It sounds cool, i`m not in love with nature & animals, but i enjoy it !
On the dark side of the moon
Live in the forest on mountains [you know , where people go skiing]
Live as a servant.......Serving a pretty prince(ss) In a Huge&beautiful castle [like in disneys :p]
In a world made of Candy & other delicious food ! (it never rots and regenerates after consuming )
Living as a servant in a normal house, inhabitted by normal people.
Living in some kind of factory, working for Santa clause to make the little kids happy!
19. If you were in a disney, which experience [out of the following] would you like to live ? (about option 4, imagin that u can breath underwater of course :p)
medieval parties: creatures singing, playing celtic instruments, dancing round the fire,eating,...
Going to the forests, being taught by the creatures how to use bow & arrow, - live as a warrior
Go to a real ball, people wearing clean costumes, expensive dresses, dancing on classic music
A magical sea creature leading you the way to go visitate the aquatic castle of merman & mermaids
Flying in the sky on top of a dragon !
Go to pixie hollow
I`d rather go visitate the bad people, go to very dark places...
Serve a disney princess in her castle
i`m more grounded & don`t dream too much. Wat`s the point of dreaming bout things u`ll never get ?
20. I know that it was a pretty long quizz, but i hope you liked it! So will you please Rate & Comment ? [Has a lil influence ]
Of course ! I always R & C the quizzes i take because it makes the quizz-maker happy ! [me: thx !!]
Yeah, i`ll do both because i really enjoyed the quizz ! [me: it`s cool that u enjoyed it ! ]
Yeah because i have nothing else to do. [me: well.Thx for spending ur free time taking my quizz :p]
I`ll only rate/only comment [me: please try to do both :`$ ! ]
No,This stupid quizz was a pure waste of time [me: *cries]
Depends on the outcome :p
YES! I love quizzes full of magic & fantasy!
I don`t know. [??]

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