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Which Made up Warrior cat are you    quiz. This is a Follow up on the last quiz i made  but all the are all going to be from the same clan this time  Enjoy  P Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Made up Warrior cat are you? 2
This is a Follow up on the last quiz i made! but all the are all going to be from the same clan this time! Enjoy :P

1. Your Apprentice crossed into Dustclan (another clan) territory casing a bee. what do you do?
i am Not going in there! Its soo Dusty!
Run after them! There my Apprentice!
Call there name a wait
2. your going through the forest and a all black cat stained with blood and they look no older an a kit, what do you do?
Bring them back to the nearest clan.
bring them into your clan, they are only a kit
3. you meet a Amazing ginger cat that is a kittypet. she/he is kind and sweet and understands clan life. you really like them, what do you do?
Say your goodbyes Because i can`t date a Gross Kittypet!
Tell them they can only see each other sometimes and just be friends.
It`s True love! be with them if it means being a kittypet #silverstripe
4. Your leader is dying on the last life and your deputy was never chosen. your leader can`t chose one so who does?
The Medicine cat choses!
umm i do? An Apprentice can choose right?
The Leaders old (or current) mate!
The Elder
There son or daughter
The strongest warrior in the clan
5. you see 2 kits fighting... it looks pretty real! there mothers are far far away, what do you do?
jump in a break it up!
Watch it, whats the worst a kit can do?
call for the mothers, they would know!
6. Your clan is getting less and less warriors! Your clan NEEDS cats badly, what do you do?
Have more kits! Cuz thats how life works! XD
gather some good loners and ask them to join your clan
wait, starclan knows that they will do
steal kit..
7. You see a cat with a kit in there mouth and cat says this, "we don`t need you in our clan! your just a waste!". the kit says,"let me go evil cat!!". what do you do?
jump out a battle the cat! That kit needs a good life
Grab the kit and run!
idk, let it be not my prob
get some other clan cats to help me.. can`t do it alone
tell my leader what i saw then go back and give that kit back to there clan
8. Did you like 2 better than 1? (does not effect outcome)
Nope they both stink
1 was better i could get other clans
i am not sure yet let me get my answer
there Both Great!

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