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Which Madagascar Penguin Are You  quiz. Yeah  I know there s already a couple like this  but this includes some info from the  quot Penguins of Madagascar quot  bonus DVD Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Madagascar Penguin Are You?
Yeah, I know there's already a couple like this, but this includes some info from the "Penguins of Madagascar" bonus DVD.

1. What is your favorite thing to say?
"Commence Operation, men"
"Look at this, guys."
2. What is your favorite thing to say, when you are ANGRY?
"Hoover Dam!"
"Rrrgh..." and shake your flipper in the air
3. Do you like to take things into your own flippers?
4. Popcorn, part 1: The zookeeper won`t let you guys get fed popcorn anymore. What is your plan?
Make the popcorn storage place go, "Ka-Boom!"
Try to be so adorable that no one can resist.
None. You`re willing to sacrafice the popcorn--unless someone else can come up with a better plan.
Sneak in there at night, pop the window open, and sneak back out with whole bags of it.
5. Popcorn, part 2: Some stupid animals at the zoo begin getting in your way. You...
...confidently prove how much smarter you are than them!.
Talk to them politely, and try to work with them.
Observe that they are too dumb to be of any use.
Attack! (Kaboom!)
6. Popcorn, part 3: You`ve brought the bag back successfully, when you see the evil zookeeper coming. You hide it...
...in the secret tunnel leading to the city outside.
...in the freezer.
...in the incinerator.
...in your stomach.
7. Oh, no! The Private`s been captured! What course of action do you take?
Wait alongside him, hoping that someone will eventually rescue you.
Blow your way into the apartment building with a big Kaboom!
Bribe the doorman, sneak up to the room, and enter through the window.
Hire a taxi, evade the doorman, and take the elevator up to the room, where you will picke the lock.
8. Egg nog?
I missed out because I was Christmas shopping.
Yes, I`ll pour myself a right big glass...
9. What is your weapon of choice?
Machine gun (say it slowly and savoringly)
Candy cane
A super battle plan
Why must we always fight?
My computer skills.
Anything that goes "KABOOM!"!
10. How do you like to get around?
Slide around on my penguin belly
Towed by a taxi
Get carried around
Ocean liner
Inside a tire
Barbie car
11. Your basic battle plan:
"Cute and cuddly"
Carefully observe the battleground, take note of the details,and write up the notes in guide format.
Sneak up to the enemy base,build formation,enter stealthily,and crush the leader in 1 fell swoop.
12. Ka-boom?
"Yes, Rico, Ka-boom."
"Oh no!"
13. Don`t you just ******LOATHE******* the other animals?
Kill `em, men!
Um...sure, Skipper.

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