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yes, the old cliche lyrics quiz, but im bored, and theres nothing better to do.

1. this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me...
The Real Slim Shady-Eminem
Candy Shop-50 cent
Without Me-Eminem
2. Was a long and dark December, from the rooftops i remember, there was snow, white snow...
Hate Me-Blue October
Violet Hill-Coldplay
Pork and Beans-Weezer
3. all i hear is ay ya ya ya, your talking way too much...
Shut Up-Simple Plan
Outta My Head-Ashlee Simpson
I Can Do Better-Avril Lavigne
4. give your soul to me, for eternity, release your life...
Inside the fire-Disturbed
Fake It-Seether
Step Up-Drowning Pool
5. we were trying different thing, smoking funny things, making love out by the lake to our favorite songs...
all summer long-kid rock
cowboy-kid rock
rock and roll jesus-kid rock
6. you can do it tiger, you a man now, and in your dream its time to do the best you can
Scandolous Scholastics-Gym Class Heroes
Belief-John Mayer
Shoot Down the Stars-Gymclass Heroes

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Times Taken:1,644
Created on:6/18/2008 2:30:40 PM
Made by:kenzielee

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