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Lyrics Quiz quiz. questions about lyrics of alternative and rock bands.

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Lyrics Quiz
questions about lyrics of alternative and rock bands. (e)

1. "Can`t take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid" What song?
There`s a Good Reason These Table Are Numbered...
Nails for Breakfast Tacks for Snacks
I Write Sins, Not Tradegies
2. "Racy days help me through the hopeless haze" is quoted from which Change Your Mind Song?
Change Your Mind (The Killers)
Change Your Mind (The All-American Rejecta)
3. "So they say you`re a troubled boy/ Just because you like to destroy/ You are the word, the word is `destroy`" What song?
This Fire
This Boy
The Fallen
Shopping for Blood
4. Who sings the song recognized in question 4?
Panic! at the Disco
The Killers
Franz Ferdinand
5. "Close the door, lock it tight. Then I`ll know you`re safe tongiht." What song?
Light Sleeper
Dead in the Water
Pens and Needles
Life On Standby
6. "Who shot that arrow in your throat? Who missed the crimso apple?" What song?
Wine Red
A Dark Congregation
Lions Roar
You Are the Moon
7. Who sings the song recognized in question 7?
Hawthorne Heights
Avenged Sevenfold
The Hush Sound
8. "Blood is spilled and man will follow" What song?
And All Things Will End
Unholy Confessions
Chapter Four
Waking the Fallen
9. "How is your heart little darling? I didn`t mean to get so mad. Let me just hold you closely. How did things get so bad?" What band?
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Fall Out Boy

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