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.What are the lyrics? quiz. Do you know the lyrics to these songs? Lets find out! I worked hard on this. I had to think of all the songs to put on. It is harder than you think, I don`t know every song you know. (You know what I mean) Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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.What are the lyrics?
Do you know the lyrics to these songs? Lets find out! I worked hard on this. I had to think of all the songs to put on. It is harder than you think, I don't know every song you know. (You know what I mean)

1. SONG: All Star LYRICS: It`s a cool place, and they say it`s getting colder.....
Your bumbled up now wait till` you get older!
So run inside before you getta cold shoulder!
I know that you lost you old school folder!
Stand up for yourself cause ya know your bolder!
2. SONG: Vivalavida LYRICS: I used to roll the dice.....
Sing till` I`d reach the ice!
Then I`d smell somptin` real nice!
Feel the fear in my enemies eyes!
As white as steamed rice!
3. SONG: U.G.L.Y. LYRICS: Your teeth are yellow, they`re covered in mold.....
Your fat, I never knew you had belly folds!
Your only fourteen you look a hundred years old!
Ugly, you thought that your cavities would so be sold!
When no one is looking you like to dig for gold!
4. SONG: Drift Away LYRICS: Day after day I`m more confused.....
Yet I look for the light in the pourin rain, you know that`s a game that I hate to lose!
So I follow my heart when it says to love, you, oh ho oh you!
Now I`m thinkin` I learning wrong, when I`m told to snooze!
But you know, that I care fo` you, my baby, lets visit zoos!
5. SONG: S.O.S. LYRICS: I`m obsessive when just one thought of you comes up.....
I`m geussen` that you won`t think of roses and all!
Seekin` lovers with to love me well, search n for, uuuuh!
Try`n dresses not with real` ugly trucks!
I`m aggresive, just when thought of closing up!
6. SONG: Teardrops On My Guitar LYRICS: I bet she`s beautiful, that girl he talks about.....
He`s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar!
And she`s got everything, that I have to live without!
So I`m waiting for my guy to come out!
I know she has all I don`t have for a route!
7. SONG: Animal I Have Become LYRICS: So many times I`ve tried.....
But I`m still caged inside!
Cause it`s one two three four five!
Oh, man, I feel so alive!
I raor this to you live!
8. SONG: Chihuahua LYRICS: It`s the song about Chihuahua, yeah that`s cool alright, it was fun.....
And a life without sorrow feels young!
Oh, it`s time to go cause` the school bell has rung!
I`m having a time of a lifetime to be sung!
Feeling cool, till` I `m lame once again!
9. SONG: Get out alive LYRICS: If I stay it won`t be long, till` I`m burning on the inside.....
Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out alive!
Sometimes, I burn, I burn more in the inside!
If I go I can only hope, that I make it to the other side!
Let`s not stay, oh, don`t stay for the sake of my life!
10. This song is the perfect ending! SONG: Good Riddance LYRICS: An other turning point a fork stuck in the road.....
Four hundred hours go by, faster than time!
Time grabs you by the wrist directs you were to go!
The clock ticks the hour when this song goes with the flow!
Oh, I`ve had the time of my life, singing like a crow!

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