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lyric guess
guess the lyrics!DUH

1. x`s on the back of your hands wash them in the sink and drink like the band
303 dont trust me
fergie fergaliciouse
mitchell musso hey
2. i hope you know i hope you know that this is nothing to do with you
mitchell musso lets make this last forever
fergie big girls dont cry
akon dangerouse
3. bababababa im loving it!
akon take out
fergie london bridge
4. people down in england aint all wild but some places down in brookland aint the place to raise yo child
hype boys ( dont know the band)
akon dangerouse
averil lavine girlfriend
5. your stuck in a world of make believe and i can see it
mitchell musso hey
pokerface lady gaga

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Created on:6/17/2009 10:00:08 AM
Made by:qawaq

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