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Nothing can describe this crappy test (e)

1. What would you do if you found a dead body in a dumpster?
Kick it and ask if it`s alive
stare at it, then see a blue crayon on the sidewalk and walk over to it.
push it off a cliff
stare in horror since the person is your cousin whom dissapeared five years ago.
poke it with a stick.
light it on fire.
walk away and laugh randomly about it in the middle of a conversation with a friend.
Run down the street screaming `SEWER MONSTERS!`
ignore it
2. what is the answer to this quesiton?
*jeopardy music comes on* um........ugh...cant think straight with this music....
*glances randomly around room for answers*
i have a dettachable head
*head explodes from confusion*
*bangs head agaisnt keyboard* faweihrivwybywei27
3. How do we know the sky isn`t bright pink, and we`re not all colorblind to some extent?
*gasps and slas hands agaisnt (spelling?) face*
because.... *randomly breaks into song about a subject that has nothing to do with the question*
Ummm....that wouldnt be good.....
Because, last time I checked, it was blue.
*Glances out window* Yup, still blue...
Stupid eyedoctors, never get anything right!
4. When life gives you lemons....
Make apple juice, then wonder later on how the h*ll you did it
Throw them back at life and say `F**K YOU!!!`
Modify their DNA to make super lemons
Make lemonade, then sell it for money
5. What is of the thinking of you of complexness which is of the thinking of this language which is of?
I which of is thinking of the complexness of which of the language is of that it is of hella kewl an
*confused look*
*head explodes from confusion*
*bangs head agaisnt keyboard*
*avoids question*
6. Do you like ninjas?
Yup, hiiiyaa!!! *kicks random person in the stomach as an example*
Yup, watch this! *throws random knife at an innocent bystander then runs away*
No ninjas su- *gets attacked with a ninja star suddenly*
No I`m a pirate, argh!
7. Welp, this is the edge of the quiz....
*falls off edge* AAAAGGHHH
F**K YAH!!!
WOOT!!! *starts breakdancing* wasn`t that bad.... *plane crashes into their house*
Bye, see you tomorrow... *walks off*
G`bye cruel place! *jumps off edge only to find there`s a trampoline at the bottom*

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Times Taken:1,693
Created on:7/14/2007 11:15:27 PM
Made by:iwant2dienow

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