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What kind of lover are you  quiz. Do you think you are a good or a bad lover  Well lets find out    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of lover are you?
Do you think you are a good or a bad lover? Well lets find out! (e)

1. You are about to discover a first kiss, what do you do?
Turn away so they can`t kiss you
Look to their eyes and slowly kiss, feeling like you are flying
Feel happy, and give a classic kiss
Hold them, and kiss them sweetly
Tell them that you are not ready
Kiss them harshly, uncontrolably
Start to shake and kiss them quick and lightly
2. You are busy cleaning the house for a very important event, your lover calls you up and asks if you can hang out, what is your reaction?
Make up some excuses
Tell him/her maybe another time
Hang up on him/her because you are too busy!
Tell them that you are busy but are wondering if they could help you
Finish up quickly and tell them sure sweety!
Feel very sad and tell them you are extremely busy
Talk to him/her sweetly and explain what is going on and tell them you will meet up afterwards
3. Your sweetheart calls at 1:00 in the morning telling you they love you:
Why did you call so early?!?!? rrr!
I love you too, lets talk tomorrow?
Aww I love you too sweety
Tell them how they make you feel
*yawn* I love you too
4. You notice another boy/girl has their eye on your love. What do you do?
Tell your lover how it`s making you feel
Ignore it
You can only love me!
Smile and have no worries
Give all your love too blind anyone else out from your lovers sight
Tell the person that is eyeing your love to tell them that they are yours
Worry but don`t do anything about it
5. Your "friends" tell your babe that you have cheated, now what?
Confront your love and tell him/her it`s not true
Beat your "friends" up
Let your sweetheart know you are true
Feel bad about it
Tell him/her that you don`t care what other people say
Sweet talk to your lover and begin to cry
Know that your love isn`t that strong anyways, don`t really care
6. Your sweethearts father starts to crack down on you...
Kill him
Feel shy and uncomfortable around their parents
Don`t care what he thinks
Talk to him in person
Stay away from father and have fun with lover
Tell your partner how you feel
7. Do you love me? ^-^
Ofcourse I love you :)
I don`t really know you
I love everyone!! ^.^
I hate you...
Mmmm lets get to know eachother first
As a friend
Their is only one person I truely love
Just a little!

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